Establishing validity, reliability, and replicability in experimental designs is not always an easy task. The type of research question you are asking will influence the subsequent choice of research designs. Fortunately, our seasoned researchers can provide you with invaluable tips and help you reach valid conclusions and find relationships between different variables.



StatRAC experts are able to assist you with:



1. Randomization and Blinding

               1.1-Complete Randomization

               1.2-Permuted-Block Randomization

               1.3-Adaptive Randomization


2. Designs for Clinical Trials

               2.1-Parallel Group Designs

               2.2-Cluster Randomized Designs

               2.3-Crossover Designs

               2.4-Titration Designs

               2.5-Group Sequential Designs


3. Designs for Cancer Clinical Trials

               3.1-Single-Stage Up-and-Down Phase I Designs

               3.2-Two-Stage Up-and-Down Phase I Designs

               3.3-Continual Reassessment Method Phase I Designs

               3.4-Optimal/Flexible Multiple-Stage Designs

               3.5-Randomized Phase II Designs


4. Observational



               4.3-Cross sectional