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StatRAC's experienced biostatistics team is ready to help you in every aspects of pre-clinical, clinical trials and epidemiology research. Multiple healthcare institutions have depended on our experts over the years to help them carry out quality services from protocol designs to dissemination of results across all therapeutic areas. Maintaining the highest quality services in the healthcare department is something we take to heart.


StatRAC Biostatistics team can perform the following statistical tasks for you:


  • Statistical analysis (pre-clinical, phase I – IV clinical studies, meta-analyses) and Interim
  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic (Pk/PD) analysis
  • Bayesian and Frequentist Data Analyses
  • Sample size estimation and power calculation
  • Calculate and interpret ratios, proportions, incidence rates, mortality rates, prevalence, and years of potential life lost.
  • Service on Data Monitoring Committees (SDMC) and Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB)