Statistical tutors are highly qualified, experienced practitioners who most frequently serve as the teacher and the liaison between the university course requirement and the students.

The tutor should be able to explain the course to the students, monitor student engagement, facilitate course content, provide the students support, and regularly follow up with their needs.


Knowledge and Skills Requirements

  •  Good communication skills are needed for statisticians in the Academia sector. These statisticians need to explain technical matters to students without any statistical background and to instruct assistants on proper research and statistical procedures.
  • Proper knowledge of business matters and the economy comes as an invaluable tool for the tutors who are seeking to explain the material to students who might be in the business sector.
  • Master's or Ph.D. degree in statistical science plus 1 to 2 years relevant experience.
  • Experience in Teaching or research assistance.
  • Knowledge in multiple languages is an asset.


Responsibilities and job requirement for a Statistician Tutor:

  • Tutors are responsible for the material they prepare for each class.
  • The tutor should try to assist as many students at a time as he/she is able and should try to encourage students to ask questions.
  • The tutor should promote good work methods and problem solving techniques amongst students, rather than generating solutions
  • The tutor is expected to be available during the entire contract. The Tutor is responsible of setting up his/her schedule time sheet.
  • Each tutor is responsible for his/her own tutorials. No swapping will be allowed. If for a satisfactory reason, a tutor must miss a tutorial, the tutorial coordinator must be notified in good time in order to make other arrangements
  • Tutors are responsible, for DP purposes, to keep an accurate record of student attendance at the tutorials as well as a record of students' assignments that have been received.
  • Tutors may be required to produce solutions to the tutorials each week.
  • Some courses require that tutors mark weekly assignments or parts thereof.