One of the main factors of a successful business is the knowledge that they possess on both their customers and competitors. StatRAC might be the edge you need to gain a significant market advantage. In fact, we are more than determined to help you gather information that enables you to be more aware of how well your product or service is positioned ; and then use this useful information to propose different strategies that will help you make conscious decisions.


StatRAC can help you:


Have a deep understanding of your customers and their preferences by:

  • Knowing their social profile (gender, education level, location, age, income level, etc.)
  • Planning effective marketing campaigns
  • Choosing the best market solutions


Recognize and seize opportunities to grow and increase profits by:

  • Being aware of demand fluctuation
  • Adapting your products/services to the new demand
  • Exploring new ventures for your business


Knowing the competition in your market by:

  • Identifying your competitors
  • Getting information on how your competitors operate
  • Learning how customers compare you with your competitors